21-09-2018 Thunder Strike: Dream to shatters

Dear Elphesisters & Brothers,

Completely unexpected, the Elphesis concert in New York has to be canceled. After almost the entire band had received a visa from the US government, the last visa was surprisingly rejected and then the already issued visas were declared invalid… It has been decided by the US Consulate that we are not alowed to perform  in the US if others (promoter, venue owner etc) make money from the gig.
After obtaining advise from two visa agencies we were  advised to take this route and we got approval for some band members by the US Consulate, but  then after the fifth interview with the consul they rejected the request and declared the already issued visa as invalid. The inconsistancy of the consulate   indicates that even for the US Consulate is quite a complicated matter and with us they have applied their (unwritten) rules very strictly! Therefore, sadly enough  and completely outside our control  we have to cancel the trip and the concert…
What remains are the unexpected and wonderful responses and support we received from you!! Also the crowdfund action started to take shape (everyone who supported us will receive the paid-up amount back) and we will never forget the fantastic and heartwarming reactions of you all! We of course remain extremely proud that a well-known and reputable club like the Cutting Room in New York asked Elphesis on their stage, where  previously legends as Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Vanessa Carlton have performed… We thank you all very much & sure we see you next time! ❤ 

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